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screw extruder machine
  • Series of PVC pipe extrusion line queuing commissioning
    Series of PVC pipe extrusion machine queuing commissioning, including single cavity,double cavity and four cavity of PVC pipe machine.This is a complete PVC pipe production project for a new factory abroad,we supply from material to final products. Customer choose WONPLUS machine because of high quality and stable running PVC pipe extruder, and we will keep supply the best service to client.
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  • WONPLUS-Chinese National Day holiday from 29th September to 5th October
    WONPLUS will arrange the Chinese National Day holiday from 29th September to 5th October, we appreciate for customers trust and support, we will try to supply best service for you!
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  • 500-1000mm HDPE pipe dust free cutter with WONPLUS new design
    WONPLUS new design HDPE pipe non-dust cutter, OD range from 500mm to 1000mm, pipe wall thickness reach 100mm, cutting knife feed and back with Italy hydraulic system, whole cutting process with PLC control, suitable for large size HDPE pipe machine,High speed PE pipe extrusion line.
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  • 160mm PVC pipe machine testing complete at WONPLUS
    75-160mm PVC pipe machine complete testing at factory, equipped with SJZ-65/132 conical twin screw extruder, output reach 300-350kg/h, which is a high efficient pvc pipe extruder. WONPLUS PVC pipe extrusion line is high speed and stable equipment, machine quality is always Wonplus core advantage.
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  • Compounding PVC granulator machine complete commissioning at factory
    WONPLUS Compounding PVC granulator machine is a high output production line for PVC granule, with SJZ-92/188 Conical twin screw extruder machine,capacity reach 750-800kg/h. PVC granule machine can granulate the formula of pvc powder, with calcium carbonate, masterbatch, pvc stabilizer, wax, stearic acid, titanium dioxide,etc, which is widely applicated for extrusion and injection process.
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  • 315-500mm HDPE pipe extrusion machine commissioning complete
    315-500mm PE pipe making machine is a high capacity production line for HDPE tube, it's an advantage PE pipe extrusion line of WONPLUS. This HDPE tube extrusion line has the performance of electricity power saving, automatic vacuum control for calibration tank. Extruder with high effecient screw and barrel, can reach higher output with small power.
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  • Three layers PVC pipe making machine commissioning complete
    Three layers PVC pipe making machine is the production line for making special application PVC tube, our customer mainly to make Mine gas pipe by our PVC pipe machine. Moreover, three layers co-extrusion pipe also can help to save the cost of manufacturing, because the middle layer could be recycle material, but skin layer still be new. Wonplus testing equipment is 75-160mm three layers PVC pipe extrusion line, capacity can reach 350kg/hour and more, which is a high speed and stable running equipment.
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  • 20-110mm HDPE PPR pipe production line succeed commissioning
    20-110mm high speed HDPE PPR pipe machine commissioning succeed complete, ABA three layers co-extrusion HDPE pipe machine maximum speed can reach 25m/min for 16mm, 20mm and 25mm. PPRC pipe machine is a high speed production equipment of Wonplus company, also can make high quality water supply PE coil pipe.
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