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screw extruder machine

PVC Plastic puverizer complete commissioning at WONPLUS factory

Aug 02, 2022

The PVC plastic pulverizer has been assembled and debugged. This pulverizer is easy to operate and convenient to feed. The measured output reaches 450-550KG\H, and the powder particles are uniform. The PVC plastic pulverizer grinds the pulverized PVC waste into fine powder, which is used for the recycling of production waste in the rigid PVC plastic industry such as PVC pipes, PVC profiles, PVC ceilings, and PVC wall panels. The company's pulverizers have various models and mature technology. Different types and specifications of pulverizers or other plastic auxiliary machines can be customized according to user needs.

Kunshan Oneplus Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery and equipment in China. WONPLUS PVC pipe extruder has high output, stable quality and considerate service. It is exported to all over the world and is well received by customers.

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