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screw extruder machine

Double outlet PVC pipe extrusion line complete commissioning for 63 x 2.0mm

Jul 28, 2022

20-63mm double-out PVC pipe extrusion line has been commissioned. The production line is equipped with a 65/132 extruder , the test machine has a pipe diameter of 63mm and a wall thickness of 2.0mm.The double-out PVC pipe machine runs at a speed of 3.15m/min and 2.32m/min on both sides after the speed-up, and the measured output is 200kg/h. The production line is equipped with a traction, cutting, double-out integrated machine and a fully automatic belling machine, the output products have a flat incision and a evenly belling.The overall equipment runs smoothly, and the quality of the output products is stable. This production line improves the production efficiency while ensuring the high quality of the output products.This machine is a PVC pipe extruder independently developed by WONPLUS Company, which has the advantages of high output and good efficiency.

Kunshan Oneplus Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery and equipment in China. WONPLUS PVC pipe extruder has high output, stable quality and considerate service. It is exported to all over the world and is well received by customers.

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